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You must have an older version then. On the Taiwan site there's a version dated 01/08/02, release not Beta (don't have the URL to hand). It also fixed the schedule problem where a schedule would start but needed to be stopped manually.

I have been using the DivX 5.02 codec (mainly for short recordings) with MPEG1-II sound but last night, first time I actually used the schedule thing to record X-Files, after 17:45 the sound went quiet. Tried it again and it did exactly the same. Changed to the VCD-Optimal format and sound was recorded o.k. for the test I did, 25 minutes. Going to try again tonight with different settings. I've tended to use 352x240, creates borders but looks quite a bit better.

The 1-hour recording using DivX @ 352x240 with 17:45 of sound came in at about 350MB, not too bad. VCD will be about 3x bigger, can still live with that. I just want to use it as a backup VCR.
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