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Default Re: Order Pizza in EQ2!

Wow, You really hate Sony dont you... THERE ARE NO ADS IN EQ2, NONE AT ALL.

To get 4 extra character slots (why would you need 8?), you sign up for Station Acces, which allows you to play EVERY SOE game. So its not a waste of money if you play SWG, EQL, PS or any other of thier games...

Adventure packs are one of the 3 ways they are planning to expand EQ2. The others are normal Expansions and Free Extras. They have already added new zones and quests since launch for FREE, the other two are paid, one is around $5 while expansions will be around $30. They have MULTIPLE TEAMS handling these so none will be impacted with the other.

Most of what SOE has planned for EQ2 is great, They are doing and have done more for EQ2 then Blizzard has done for WOW. Look at WoW, they STILL have a queue system after launch while EQ2 is openning new servers all the time and giving players more free content...

If you don't like SOE or EQ2, Fine but dont go around talking trash without knowning anything.