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Default Re: article Hl2 vs D3 engine.

Originally Posted by Intel17
I contacted my friend who was the leader of the MOD team with the good water. I hope I'll get a response and some screens!

Nv40, sorry if I came off harsh...been having a pretty craptastic day.


what i would really like you to see.. if that a missing feature "out of the box" from a game is just that a missing feature.. is that simple.

QUake3 was a great engine.. too advanced for their times.. in term of graphics ..but If quake3 never shipped with real single player . but idsoftware says that is not a problem because they allowed in their SDK people to program whathever single player experience they want .. then still is a missing feature.. that will *GREATLY* limit the MOD community in their freedom in the things they will like to do in their game.. even if some lucky gamer with Good coding skills manage to add later in the engine "the feature" a year later in their game. Why missing features out of the box in a game is very unfortunate? because it will be dificult if not impossible for the MOD community to fix that in the game.. even though if someone manage to add X or Y feature.. it will be either too late for the community to use it or it will not have the commercial quality that people want to see in a "next generation" game.

while quake3 never supported single player.. (even thought there were projects quake3 mods that claimed that will do it.. but never saw them..still waiting for them ) it was very good in multiplayer.. at least in deathmatch.. and we already know that the futureproof of any game.. it life span, depends in the multiplayer side.. games that doesnt have strong multiplayer simply are ignored in a few months (something that Doom3 is really weak) because people finish the game in a day or more , and never re-play it again more than 1 or 2 times.. and if on top of that the developers are not very helpfull with the MOd community with the single player side,and doesnt make it ,very easy for anyone to create MODs that doesnt look like doom3 ,play diferent or at least play it..just like succesfull MP past idS games.. and people needs to rely on the help of a struggling community , then its MOD community will be doomed indeed ,and it will be completely ignored Doom3 ,once other games using the same engine or other engines have the things the community look to see in a game. email support and a simple official far from the things the community needs to take the game to the next level.. i remember by the times of QUake3 seeing an official HEAVY MANUAL .. a complete book ,made by one developer to assist the quake3 mod community . and on top of that he was a frequent poster in forums answering questions of the community .. unfortunately that developer doesnt work anymore in idsoftware.. ->Paul Jaquays. amazingly still today he post in quake3 forums *5 years later* helping people with doubts about their projects . that's kick ass support.. With so much competition these days. so many other good games,already released or close to be released,with so many freedom for the community to play . there will be no loyalty to any developers anymore . if you dont deliver what people wants people will move any other game that allows them to do what they look. is that simple.

i have been following the D3 community since day 1, and many D3 fan sites have closed its doors ,my list of D3 sites have been reduced greatly . there is a growing list of MODs moving their projects to other games . nobody is playing Doom3 online. while games that came later or many years earlier "with a lot less technology" have more popularity these days. i think the signs are already showing up. if you ask me. and i really doubt that unless something drastically changes in the support side .. Doom3 will be ignored completely in less than a year.. and people will be playing other games. either with an upgraded D3 engine.. or done in completely new engines. i think idsoftware is victim of they own past sucess.. they though just because they are TOP developers and the game looks good ,people will finish what they left unfinished or not included in their game. time will tell.. its only the German community that is saving the ass of Doom3 future.but im really skeptic of the future of that game. i will be impressed if they achieve 1/10 of the interest people showed thorugh years for any past idsoftware game. and again im not putting down doom3 engine.. if you look again at my first post ,replying to an article of engine comparisons ,you will see this. is not the end and there is alot of competition with many many other great games outhere and many others really looking forward.

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