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Cool Re: FX 5700LE vs. FX 5700

Yea sorry your right the Ti 4200's did come out three years ago. my friends told me it was about 5 years, But I shouldnt have listen to him. He knows less about them than I do. Yea im thinkin about gettin a ATI but My freind got a peice of junkNEW 9800 pro Like when they just came out and it SCREWEDhis whole system up. dont know how it did but i was there and saw it. So i'd rather stay with Nvidia but im thinkin about an ATI 9800 pro.

Originally Posted by MustangSVT
Ti4200's came out less than 3 years ago.

Why a GeForce FX? After the whole 3DMark2005 thing, why are people still interested in a GeForce FX at all? nVIDIA obviously made a mistake with them and they're completely useless in terms of future proof.

5700LE and 5700 are slower than a TI4200, and the 5700U is only marginally faster than a TI4200, as in you won't end up playing games at higher settings and no real IQ improevement.

The only upgrade that actually provides more performance for that money is a used 9700pro/9800np/9800pro. r

256MB versions of cards like FX 5700 are slower than 128MB versions. Both cards that you listed are slower than your TI4200.
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