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Default Re: article Hl2 vs D3 engine.

Originally Posted by Subtestube
I see what you're saying NV40 and kind of agree... however...

... Quake 4 is in the works. As it's supposed to have a Multiplayer aspect akin to that of Q3, but with the D3 engine and Q2 single player, my guess is that that will take over as the showcase game for the D3 engine the day it comes out. While I agree that it's a shame that the D3 engine, being technologically advanced but lacking certain aspects, is being ignored a little, I really don't think that id ever planned for people to 'finish their game'. Doom 3, as far as they're concerned, is 2 things:
* A Game for sales. It's succeeded in this.
* A showcase for the engine, so that other developers will license it. We won't know if they've succeeded in this for some time, until we see if there are going to be a large number of games, ala CoD, released that use it.

I think it extremely unlikely that id actually care if modders use their engine or not - they're certainly not going to be selling a fan made water shader to those who choose to buy the engine, and any decent dev shop these days should have someone who's at least competent at writing shaders.

Least, that's my opinion.

there is no way to predict the future.. of games that license the Doom3 engine.. like QUake4 ..indeed.. because game developers have a lot more resources ,a lot more people , they are usually profesionals ,that do games for a living ,not just for fun ,like the mod community.

So any other that license that engine.. can virtually change any thing in the engine ,that they need for their a way that nobody will believe later is using the same D3 engine.. for example QUake4 could have HAvok physics.. if they wanted ,just like out of the box every single Nv40 advanced feature with complex long shaders out of the box in their OpengL game. and a very advanced AI and multiplayer capabilities.. they can change or add anything in the engine.. the diferences can be night to day.. in terms of some features.. for example RTCW support an advanced skeletal animation system for the characters.. big outdoors ,while quake3 game use a primitive ones.thats the benefit of the license. so there is no way to know how the game will be . i have my hopes very high,, since RAven already stated how much they want the game to play jus like quake3 in MP , and quake2 in its sigle player. plus outdoors and vehicles will play an important role of the game.. not merely used for the people see "something" though a window or so... the formula for for sucess if very simple ,if something works dont fix it..

update.. are screenshots of a game using a heavily upgraded unrealtournament engine.. contrary with Unrealtournament game that are mostly directx7 this one support Sm3.0 with advanced pixelshader effects ,64bit FP blending ,softshadows , and nice looking water effects .

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