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Default Re: Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Single Player Demo Coming soon..

Originally Posted by Riptide
Good God... I can't believe that they chose to neglect SM2. I understand that porting it back from 3 would be difficult but they just upset a lot of people by doing this. And that to me is the bottom line. I can already hear the conspiracy theories regarding this.
The way Demirug made it sound, it seems that if they did code around the SM2 limitations, it would pretty much make all SM2 cards below a x800xt unplayable with what they were trying to do. Of course who really knows since they didn't even try. But in all honesty, it is their game and they can decide if they want to code around SM2 limitions or not. Much like how valve decided to scrap the Partial Precision path in HL2.
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