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Default Re: article Hl2 vs D3 engine.

Originally Posted by jolle
why use Havok2 when the engine has a great physics engine as it is (Im pretty sure its pretty great anyhow)..
Wasnt used alot in D3 tho, Carmack thought it was gimmicky and was against it..
The upcoming addon might change that, HL2 certainly showed that people like physics in games hehe..

because Havok is the lite version of a Proffesional realtime Physics engine @REACTOR used by real scientist or by profesionals in the CG industry . Havok is the lite version of REACTOR.. i know Doom3 have *great physics.. but wouldn't be nice if they were a lot more than just "great" but very advanced ? but yes why havok.. lets them license the full package @REACTOR and allow in games to have realistic fluids effects ,usefull to simulate real water that deforms and divide when it interacts with solids, cloth waving in the air, Hair/cloth that moves with the air. want to do an air weapon? a water weapon? a real storm ? if it is is good enough for holywood .. it should be good enough for games . one day in the future hopefully we will see that level of realism in games.

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