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Default Re: Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Single Player Demo Coming soon..

Originally Posted by Knot3D
^ Well, imo they don't have to make the game more goodlooking ; they HAVE to improve performance for SM.3.0 HDR !

I hope the final code will run at least a 10 frames p/sec better minimum framerate. If they can't get the base minimum framerate on my rig (see sig) at 35 fps, then CT SM3.0 won't be half as a convincing argument over SM2.0(b) as it should be ( eh, Nvidia !? )

Gee, I sure do hope Ubi's optimizing the code for final release
This demo is already based on pre-final code. No major changes will be done for full game except some bugfixes.

The only thing which again kills performance here is HDR, not SM3.0.

High quality SM3.0 without HDR is actually faster than the SM1.1 on my 6800U. With HDR enabled the fps drop by ~40% which is normal for FP16 precision per color channel. Nevertheless I will never disable HDR in this game because SCCT just looks way better with high dynamic range lighting.
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