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Default Re: SC chaos theory demo & 6600gt

Originally Posted by Knot3D
Well, what do you call 'smooth' ? Please use Fraps to give us a more clear idea on what kinda fps you're getting with that 6600GT.

With my PC (see SIG) I get a framerate from 20 to 70 @ 1024 x 768 , 32bits color , 72hz screen refreshrate fullscreen, 2xAA and 4xAF, ALL advanced SM3.0 submenu options enabled, trilinear filtering, high quality textures, hardware softshadow mapping. The only thing disabled is V-sync. My Nview Forceware setting is set to Quality and the GT @ 400/1100 on 67.66.

A framerate of 20 to 32 in places with lighting and HDR fx is still NOT what I call a very good framerate. It's playable, but I really hope the final code will run HDR fx at least 10 frames per second better.
I downloaded latest Fraps and tested, the score much the same as you.

At 1024x768x32 16xAF, all settings maxed included HDR set ON and Forceware's quality setting, I get 17 to 30fps in places with HDR and then I turned off HDR in the option and back to the game, to my surprise I get 17 to 30fps in same places, it much the same in previous Splinter Cell titles Here is no performance loss when turn on HDR, with HDR on, the game run much smooth as well as HDR turn off too, I never get as low as 10fps, it never slowdown or chopping like some tests in 3DMark 2005.
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