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Hi Again,

Well, nothing really worked last night, I uninstalled the nvidia driver, rebooted in safe mode, ran DriverClean taking out all nvidia stuff even ran it for ATI for the drivers of the int.vid card. rebooted. Tried the 61.77 driver, but it didn't even last one minute in anarchy online and doom3.

AO => the screen freezes and windows reboots
DOOM3 => the screen goes black, but the game is still running

I restarted the process, believing that 75.xx would be my savior, but now, it did last longer though but same result in the end. So far the stablest driver for me has been the 66.93 I think.

Oh yeah, I did touch the video card, and it wasn't hot at all seem to be normal @ a normal temp.

Where do I go from here, try testing the card on an other MB ???

Thanks for your help and advice.

PS Is there a nuub FAQ, link or something I can read so I can start understanding what's going on thanks
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