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Ok guys, a newbie to this needs some questions answered. I installed the correct RPMs (I'm on RH 8.0) but I get a signal 11 error when I loaded X. I then just rpm -e it and I can now boot into X at least. However, I have not yet followed STEEL's step-by-step instructions. And before I do, I got a few questions:

1. I just upgraded the default Red Hat 8.0 kernel to a customized kernel that I compiled.....version 2.4.20. Will this in any way give me any errors? Like, will it give me errors expecting a default RH 8 kernel? I ran and got the right SRPMS

2. Let's say it works and latter down the line I upgrade my kernel to 2.4.21. Will I then have to recompile these drivers? Or can I leave it and it will work with all future kernel recompiles?

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