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Default Re: Guild wars beta weekend feb 18

Originally Posted by UDawg
Will do.

Now when you guys say this isn't like WOW (which I am hooked on) or EQ2, what exactly do you mean? As long as I can lvl up and get different weapons I will be very happy. Even if I can't this is still the type of game I like to play.
what i really like about this game is that it's really easy to level up, it's based on how much you go out there and fight instead of time spent in the game, to do the missions or quest you can use npc's instead of forming groups and there AI is damn good too, i like doing this that way i can get more rare items, cause if you're with others it assigns the items within the group, and since you've purchased the preorder all characters and items you have will no be reset you keep them once the game starts

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