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Default Re: article Hl2 vs D3 engine.

Originally Posted by Nv40
update.. are screenshots of a game using a heavily upgraded unrealtournament engine.. contrary with Unrealtournament game that are mostly directx7 this one support Sm3.0 with advanced pixelshader effects ,64bit FP blending ,softshadows , and nice looking water effects .
SM3.0 isn't applicable in a comparison to an OpenGL game. Hell, it's all a matter of the fragment program itself. OpenGL doesn't have a lot of the limitations DX has.

Advanced pixel-shader effects? You could put them into Doom 3. All that I care about is if a game can support fragment programs or not, when comparing renderers.

64 bit FP blending? Doom 3 (Engine) has it. FarCry has it. This isn't too big of a deal.

Soft-Shadows? Heh, on a few select objects you get real-time shadow (only one shadow per-character) based on the strongest pre-computed light. Heh, sounds like it smashes Doom 3's engine or UE3.

Nice Water? It's a shader...

You see, all these "bells and whistles" mean nothing without a solid foundation. Unreal Engine with a few tacked on goodies is not going to beat Doom 3's engine. I'm sorry, there's just more to engines than this superficial bullcrap, not to mention Doom 3 can do all this stuff, yet it's not a big deal.
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