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Default Re: article Hl2 vs D3 engine.

Quantum computing very well may be a red herring. I've chatted with quite a few very well informed people about it, and it's seeming increasingly likely that it will only be a 'silver bullet' as it were for a miniscule number of very specific tasks.

As for Radiosity and Photon mapping, I see radiosity as MUCH less achievable, partly because solving the form factor equations is just so horrendously heinous, and isn't nearly as inherently parallel as the photon 'shooting' equations. Photon mapping is essentially a VERY clever particle system, so once you have enough vector processors (again, ala 'cell') running in parallel, there's no reason, bar bandwidth and some kind of cunning storage, at all you can't do it in 'real-time'. That still doesn't mean we'll see it soon, but I maintain that if you add a time field and a decay field to each particle, you could get by with only recalculating a small fraction of them each frame. The only issue would be that light would then take a second or two to disappear when it was supposed to. Unless, of course, you could actually link the light directly to the photons it created, and have some kind of efficient way of killing all the given photons when the light went off. As for turning the light, on, I can't see a smart way to get it lighten very quickly.
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