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Originally Posted by UDawg
I was just finishing the absent minded excavator last night and decided to help a 22 lvl rogue dwarf, since I received help from another player. Well about half way through I get a general message saying "DO YOU MIND!?" Then that dwarf says again "WOW! your weak and pathetic get out of here and stop stealing my kills" I just replied "I was just trying to help out. Thanks for being a PRICK!" Then later on down the road he stops by again and continues to say how weak and pethetic of a kill stealer I am.

Now this game is meant to be like a community game and assclowns like this really piss me off. I just don't get how some parents let their children play these games. Needless to say it pissed me off. Especially since I was going to give him all the lather armor I got just like I gave the wand to the preist that helped me.
I don't understand, I was under the impression that the person who makes the first hit, claim's the loot/experience?.
I've done the same thing, but only when the player looks in over their head. I'm new to mmorpg's though (cept for toontown), and am still figuring out the edicate. I hope I'm not offending anyone there.
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