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Default Re: Guild wars beta weekend feb 18

@Udawg: It's not like WoW in the way that this game actually take skill to beat someone else. It's about skill and not so about the you spend playing the game. Of course people who go out into the exploreable areas will probably get some nice drops unlike people who don't get into those areas, but it's not a must to go grind. And the low level cap (lvl 20) causes everyone to level up quickly so they can focus on character development.

It kinda uses the same concept as Magic: The Gathering. You have a set of cards (skills in GW) and when you 'fight' another player she/he will most likely have a different set of cards (skills) but still the same amount (8 skills in GW). And even if another player has bought another set of cards (the chapters in GW terms), you can still fight him/her with your original set.

In WoW, when you're on a raid, do you actually feel like it was YOU who made a difference on the outcome? I for sure know that I don't feel like that cause everyone who is about my level has the same amount of skills (or maybe even the same skills) that they can use in battle. In GW every battle is different because you can only take 8 skills out of a possible 150 skills (2 professions). And I'm not even talking about the characterdevelopment with all the attributes which make this game even more diverse. WoW only has the talenttrees which don't really make a big difference in most cases.

Guild Wars doesn't have that real MMO feel when questing, because you're in an instance. So you don't meet other players except for those who you teamed up with. But don't many people in WoW love to play the instances?
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