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Default 3dmark05 scores

Im wondering if my scores are where they should be. My BFG Ultra OC is a horrible overclocker, so I leave it at stock. 425/1100. I use the GT GS bios (tighter timings) from Gainward and have my cpu and ram overclocked in my system. Anyway, here are my scores and would be appreciative if anyone could confirm that my scores are about in line with others.

P4 3.0c @ 3.52
235fsb 2-2-2-5 1gig

XG 66.76b - 5350 quality settings
XG 71.81 - 4560 high quality settings

I really dont know what else i can do to get better scores. Im going watercooling soon, but my ram on my videocard just doesnt seem to be up to snuff. No matter what i do to get 1200 on the memory, its just doesnt seem to want to work. Ive reseated the vgpu, used AS5 on the mosfet cooler, and applied different ramsinks on the memory of the graphics card. Its sooo close to stock that I dont even bother. Btw, i run win2003...not that that matters but I use it for its remote desktoping abilities. What do you think?
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