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Originally Posted by egbtmagus
What does this have to do with the For Sales and Trade forum? Your scores look aittle low but considering my GT is clocked as fast as your ultra It might be because of that.

I don't know why you would run GT bios on a Ultra though considering the Ultra likes more Voltage then the GT Bios provide.
Woops, wrong forum...moderator if you can move this please...
I explained the GT bios thing, tighter timings. You can always up the voltage using an editor. Anyone who doesnt use a GT bios on their ultra is making a mistake.
Btw, if your score is 5300 in 3dmark using quality settings and not high quality...then im probably where I am supposed to be. You are using an Athlon 64, which is a better performer in games, and running slightly faster on gpu. Whats wrong with my scores.

Remember, this is with no tweaking of the display drivers to achieve a higher 3dmark score. Those who lower the iq, or reduce the quality settings of the drivers are just kidding themselves.
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