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Default Re: SC chaos theory demo & 6600gt

Originally Posted by Knot3D
Ubi rushing out alot of crap ? C'mon... SCCT HDR is sm3.0 built up from scratch.

Both Far Cry and soon HL2 will have HDR yes, but it's tacked on code.
SCCT is the 1st as a true sm3.0 game, soon Age of Empires 3 adds to that list.

* about the artefacts ; the demo and Forceware 75.90 don't go well together. I dunno if you're using 75.90.....

I'm on 67.66 without any problems.
first this isn't sm3.0 from scratch like you say, this is the unreal engine with a tacked on code as well, and we all know how cpu hungry the unreal engine is, the only engine that i have heard that will be a true sm3.0 engine is unreal3 engine, once games come out using that engine then we can judge how good or bad sm3.0's performance is, for now all games using HDR doesn't make them a true 3.0 it's just 2.0 with some sugar coating on it.

the drivers i was using where also 67.66, i guess i might have to reinstall the game and see whats going on

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