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Originally Posted by egbtmagus
Im using High Quality, I never lower it... hate how it looks in Normal Quality. I know my CPU is faster but not by much, considering your OC'd. My 5mhz wouldn't matter much at all.

BTW, don't try to tell me how to bench Been doing it awhile now.
Where do I begin.

#1, where did I state that you didnt know how to bench?
#2, 5mhz on the gpu will not make much of a difference no. However, having an A64, while I have an P4 quite possibly will since these cards are cpu limited and I have heard that A64's are better in gaming situations than their intel counterparts. Maybe 3dmark05 isnt that cpu dependent, however, I dont claim to know everything about this benchmarking tool, and instead come on to the forum to listen and learn.
#3 Why not give me your driver versions (some drivers give as much as 1000 pts difference in 3dmark because of a lower IQ)
#4 Why not give me your bios version?
#5 Heck, why not give me more info than just whats in your sig? Obviously I am not concerned with my RAW benchmark score like you are. I want to have the best IQ, with as reasonable performance as I can.

If you want to flex your benchmarking muscle, there are plenty of threads to do that in. I would prefer to have someone confirm that my scores are indeed in line with a system of my caliber with the drivers that I am using. Someone out there has to be using either of those drivers at those settings.
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