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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Originally Posted by vampireuk
I'm selling the green iron hauberk for 10g a piece, people leap at the blue items. Luckily we have a awesome guild who donate all crafting items they do not need so once we are all high levels finding high level crafting items will be no problem.

My smithing is already way over what it should be due to donations from the guild, at the moment I can barely mine iron safely due to the high level mobs around them. And yes Warriors rock
I will say that now that I am at lvl 25 with some enchants on my armor people at my lvl or jsut above always want me to group with them. It is pretty cool to be able to rush into battle and smack out 220 on a lvl 27 beast and only receive 20 hp and not have to stop to drink water in the middle of the battle.

BTW Rob send me one of them swords. Man I wish the servers were linked.
Also the good thing about being a warrior is that I always have at least 4 gold with me because of mining and great drops that ARE NOT LEATHER.
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