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Default Re: Guild wars beta weekend feb 18

Originally Posted by vampireuk
There is no more "skill" involved than in WOW, you press buttons and hope the other guys health goes down first.
Funny. That's exactly how I feel when playing WoW. And I've been playing for months already (thanks to the fact that I like the Warcraft world and storylines).

Now that I think of it, any FPS game or other RPG game is just pressing a bunch of buttons hoping for someone else to die sooner than you. But for me personally I did found that GW requires a lot of skill. Try playing some peeps from the Fianna, KOR, MYTH or Dild Omen... and you'll see that you won't cut it with just pressing a bunch of buttons hoping for someone's health goes down.

If you have selected the proper skillset for taking out a healer, it doesn't mean that they will work. It also takes timing (with the interrupt skills), health monitoring (using a spell like backfire to finish off an enemy who is casting a spell), energy management (messing with casters energy pool in order to make them helpless), and has quite a lot of new PvE content thanks to the innovative dynamic quest system.

WoW -> if you like to be immersed in a huge world with lots of other players, enjoy a good storybased game with lots of traveling and sightseeing.
GW -> if you enjoy PvP, instant action, occasional PvE, beautiful graphics.

Luckily I like both.
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