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I looked through the BIOS for an option to disable the int. vid card, the only thing I saw was to put rpiority on the AGP slot instead of the PCI. IF that is not it well I haven't seen that option at all.

Looked at the MB manual, and found this option:
Allocate IRQ to PCI VGA [YES] => I changed that to NO but theresults were the same.

AGP/PCI, PCI/AGP Allows selection of graphic controler to use as primary boot device.

I didn't see ant mention of jumpers for "activiting" the AGP slot, I guess that the next step is to get the AGP card tested ?

I'm so nuub

Funny thing though is that the 2 MoBo that I had most difficuties with always had integrated devices on them, has any one else encountered that kind of hassle ?


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