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Default Re: *.* 6600GT Benchmark *.*

@ schrippe: You should provide us with more information on your system and the drivers you're using.The most important things you need to tell us are:

CPU type
Amount of memory
Driver version

Please also specify if you're using an official(the latest is 66.93),beta(there are tons of these all over the web) or modified drivers(like the VXG).Your scores are indeed low,is it possible that you benched with Anisotropic filtering or AA on?You need to use the default settings to get a comparable result.Also,if you used the VXG drivers,did you install the high-quality version?Also,keep in mind that various driver sets provide different levels of performance.In my experience,the best drivers currently for a 6600GT are the beta 67.03 from nvidia(the VXG version of the driver is also very,very good).
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