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Default Riddick EFBB 64Bit Vs. 32Bit Benchmark

Riddick EFBB 64bit vs. 32Bit

I made a custom 2 minute benchmark at the beginning of the "Prison Yard Riot" level; this is where Riddick runs around shooting guards. If you would like to make your own benchmark you can do the following. In the console (ctrl+alt+~) use "record demo 1" to start and "stop" to stop recording. Then in the console you are now able to benchmark your demo using "benchmark demo 1".

Test system in Sig.
All graphics set to highest except shader mode is in 2.0.
32Bit: Windows XP Home SP2
Driver 66.93
64Bit:Xp Professional x64 edition - build 3790 (service pack 1,v1433)
Driver 66.96

I dont feel like editing the charts but here are the results of the 32Bit version of the game on the 64Bit windows.
1280*1024 0AA 0AF
Max Frame rate: 82.21
Average Frame rate: 30.75
Min Frame rate: 13.99

1280*1024 4AA 8AF
Max Frame rate: 59.28
Average Frame rate: 21.78
Min Frame rate: 10.41

Lowest settings 800*600 0AA 0AF

Right now there is no big difference in my benchmarks with Riddick in 32bit or 64bit. There could be a difference when more optimized drivers come out or maybe we will see a difference with the 64bit version of Farcry.
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