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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Originally Posted by WeReWoLf5900
Yah, 53 now. upgraded my weapons finally. I now run around with a 1 hander enchanted with demonslaying (for felwood, that place is full of demons) and my thrash blade enchanted with +5 damage. If i swapped to a shield, i would have just under 5000 armour, without it, i have 3500. 3900 HP isn't half bad either. For Blackfathom Deeps Udawg, i'd probly wait until you are about lvl 25 or higher. maybe lvl 30. I have died in there at lvl 50.
Thanks for you input bro. You are correct but as of last thursday I was invited to a guild wich completely roxors. They enchanted all my armor and sword with +2 beast minor and almost every initial hit now is 100. Even at lvl 27 I can give nice damage and I am always asked to tank even in BFD. We have two priest who love healing and we protect them no matter what. We blew through BGD in no time. THey even gave 2, 10 slot bags for nothing. They give me ALL melee weapons for auction so I can get a horse. The only thing they want are cool people to quest with and for me to do the same for the lower levels. We bank all weapons or mail em for the lower lvls. It is a real cool guild.
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