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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

yah i based my guild around helping lower lvl's. When someone usually joins, i give em a gold piece, the tailor gives em a free 12 slotter bag and if they need help either myself, the other lvl 53 warrior or one of the 3 lvl 60's will run em through quick. i've dragged about 12 guildies through Deadmines and BFD before and will be draggin another 4 through deadmines tonight. When you get to Stranglethorn vale (lvl 30. i reccommend this place to EVERYONE at lvl 30.) do the quests for the rebel camp and nesingwary's hunting party to gain easy exp quick. also whilst in STV, farm panthers, tigers and gorillas. the tigers and panthers drop [bristly whisker] which sells for 1g 40s for 20 of them to a vendor and the gorilla's drop [coarse gorilla hair] which sells for 1g 20s to vendors for 20 of em. They don't drop very often, but the gorillas drop the hair more than the panthers and tigers. the lowest lvl gorillas are lvl 33 though, and the tigers/panthers are lvl 29-32 near the entrance to STV.
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