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Angry HalfLife 2 Demo problems

Admittedly this is only about the demo... but...

i got the demo from a mag cd and installed it... as one would expect it then proceeded to update steam, no probs... it then updated HL2 demo for a bit and i started playing...

the next day when i went to start playing, the demo decided that it needed to do some updating... on dial up it is going to take me 813 minutes and then some.

so... all ai want to do is play the damn demo.... why is this impossible? shouldn't the demo all be contained in the install file?

after uninstalling and removing any registry entries i can find, i reinstalled it and tried jsut updating steam and then playing in offline mode... no can do.

any suggestions? (apart from just going out and buying the game... especially if i'm going to need a month on dial up to update it)

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