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Talking Re: Everquest II Tanking CPU

Originally Posted by Sorrow
Plus a64's run at full speed whereas p4's run at maybe half ( i think that's what they run at) meaning a64 will make more passes like he said.
Hmm your confuseing something here , only thing that can run at half speed or full is Cache and that got nothing to do with passes ?
Its called Operations Per Cycle , AMD CPUs always done more work per cycle thats becouse of different architecture shorter pipes ect , Intel P4s do less work per cycle but they got 20-stage pipeline and Prescott got even longer (that why they get slower then same clock NorthWood),but can reach (higher clock MHz ), Now back to Cache in old days Pentium 2 512 cache ran at half speed celeron 256 had full speed cache , but todays all CPU im pretty sure Internal Cache run at same speed the Core runs at , unleas its external Cache.

Anyway why AMD64 beats Pentium 4 with higher MHz is becouse of whole Package not of single feature , AMD Athlons 64 got integrated memory controler , do more operations per clock got support for future 64bit OS thats the main plus realy

Edit: oh wow i been typeing long Saturn got to him
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