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Default Re: Everquest II Tanking CPU

A64 is faster because of the whole arhitecture than a P4 depending on the comparison and situation, not because it runs at "full speed" or anything like that. A64 only runs in 32-bit in any current game and Windows is 32-bit so whoever says A64 is faster than P4 cause it's "64-bit" is a dumbass.

Secondly, what crack is the guy who said 9700 Pro is better than a 6600GT smoking?

Thirdly, the guy who said that his CPU is only 1.8GHz has a point. Your 3000+ isn't any marvel. It's a good proc, but the rating of 3000+ is a bit overestimated from AMD. The percentage difference b/t 1.8GHz and 2.0GHz is HIGHER than the difference between 3000+ and 3200+ as numbers. The point is that the 1.8GHz 3000+ compared to the 2.0GHz 3200+ or other S939 proc's has a relative rating smaller than 3000+, more like 2800+. You should probably OC your CPU to around 2.3-2.4GHz if you want to make better use of it.

Lastly, ANY game that I know of for the past 10 years has been using 100% CPU cycle. Now whether you overclock the CPU will increase speed dramatically in EQ2 is another story. Any modern game like Doom3 that you're playing should be using 100% CPU at all times unless maybe you're scrolling through options or similar. Only playing a game like Solitaire won't use CPU at 100%.
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