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Default Re: Creator of Final Fantasy games now works for Microsoft.

Originally Posted by egbtmagus
I believe FF6 started the Active Battle system which was also Optional (Enemies wouldn't wait for you to make a selection), which removed the turn based fighting system, I believe even FFX had this option.
Wrong. Final Fantasy IV started the ATB (Active Time Battle) system. "Wait" has always been an option but only pauses everyone's timers while making submenu selections. Final Fantasy X was entirely turn based but used a very clever system of doing it. The NES FF games were literally Party - Monster - Party - Monster.
Originally Posted by egbtmagus
Erk, The way the behind the scene systems matter big time, In FF7 materia played a big role, you never really LEARNED spells. Your Materia did, remove it and you have no spells or skills. In FF9 people were specialized, only certain characters could someone, others could only steal. It was basically an early FFX system.
I was talking about how the abilities are used in the battle system. Regardless of the method in which you gain your spells and abilities, you still pick them from a list during combat and watch the effects show that follows. From a gameplay perspective there is nothing new in an of the pre-FFX FF games, and even in FFX it is a very slight difference. FFXII looks like it's finally going to break the trend, but it might end up costing the series its identity.
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