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Default Re: Creator of Final Fantasy games now works for Microsoft.

I'll jump in here and take ninja's side, FF8 was garbage, but I feel 10 and X-2 were the worst of the series. Ugh...Tidus....worst. character. ever.

I wouldn't hold my breath, they (m$) got a creator, but that doesnt mean they have a decent franchise that will sell like hotcakes.....grab an old game for playstation called "shadow madness", an rpg done by a bunch of ex-square'll see what I mean. Things look great on paper, but once they get rolling....that's not to say great things can't come from this merger...but I wouldnt hold my breath.

I'm sorry, but anyone who doesn't like FF7 need not play rpg's. I know i'll be flamed for it, but that's ok. =) FF7 is hands down one of the greatest games ever made. (Right next to FF3 for snes)
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