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Default Re: Creator of Final Fantasy games now works for Microsoft.

Originally Posted by egbtmagus
How else would you like to pick your abilties or spells? I personally prefer the FF system over systems like .hack or Tales have, I want to be able to control all my party members, not control one member and have the others on a chosen AI method.
I never said it was bad, I said it was the same throughout the series to justify my claim that the series has not changed as much as you said it has. I've always been a huge Final Fantasy fan. It just annoys me when people deify the series as if it were the greatest thing ever created, because it's not. It's the same game made over and over again. Which works since most of the time the games are awesome. And yeah, Chrono Trigger is better than all the FF games by far.

Originally Posted by filth frag
I'm sorry, but anyone who doesn't like FF7 need not play rpg's. FF7 is hands down one of the greatest games ever made.
Sorry for not quoting your name properly, I didn't feel like typing that out. Anyway, I have to assume that, in order to say this, you:
-Played Final Fantasy VII before you played any other FF games
-Played Final Fantasy VII before you palyed any other GAMES
-Have never played Deus Ex
-Have never played Chrono Trigger
-Have never played A Link to the Past
-Have never played Xenogears
-Have never played Ocarina of Time
-Have never played ...[insert X game that is better than FF7]...

Anyway, Final Fantasy VII was a decent FF game, certainly not the best (storywise it is subpar, especially at the end, musicwise it is very good but pales in comparison to FFIV) and an excellent game in its own right, but it can't hold a candle to any of the games I mentioned above. I can understand if it was your first FF game and you have that nostalgia factored in, but it's essentially the same game as the other six with more "angsty" characters.
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