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Default Re: Nintendo may introduce new GBA 2005

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09
Agreed, I sold my DS because of this. It's very akward to use and the game selection as of right now is pathetic. I'll never use it again unless something REALLY great comes out for it. A new Gameboy does interest me, however.

I also think it's a little early to declare victory for one brand or the other. I think we should wait and see how the PSP actually performs, both with software and hardware. Keep in mind it is prohibitively expensive for many people (including myself).

Oh yea, I agree, it is a bit expensive-i'd sooner put $250 into my pc (if I had $250 to just throw around in the first place) but just looking at the line-up, future titles, and the hardware-right now psp looks like its going to kick some serious tale. But you're right, it is too early to tell. Maybe this is a good wake-up call for nintendo....course I remember saying that when n64 failed and again when cube was who knows
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