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Default Re: Creator of Final Fantasy games now works for Microsoft.

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09
Sorry for not quoting your name properly, I didn't feel like typing that out. Anyway, I have to assume that, in order to say this, you:
-Played Final Fantasy VII before you played any other FF games
-Played Final Fantasy VII before you palyed any other GAMES
-Have never played Deus Ex
-Have never played Chrono Trigger
-Have never played A Link to the Past
-Have never played Xenogears
-Have never played Ocarina of Time
-Have never played ...[insert X game that is better than FF7]...

First FF game I played was on nes, the original, then part 2 for snes, then 3, then 7, and so on...been a huge FF fan for years. I've played every one of them except X-2, which seemed like a total sell-out pixel titted character enhanced crop of crap. I hated 8, 9 was....9 was square trying too hard to be what they once were if you ask me. I didnt hate it, but I didnt really like it either, put a good 25 hours into it and then just quit. 12 looks interesting and i'll for sure play it. But ff3 for snes...or 6...(however u want to number it) and FF7 are my two fav's of the series...FF2 was really fun too.

- Never played Deus Ex... Still have too....

- Played Chrono Trigger, couldn't stand it, I can't play a 40 hour long rpg with a character that doesnt talk. ( But I have no problem with it in HL2 lol)

- Beat and loved link to a past, but FF7, I hold closer to my heart

- Never tried Xenogears, heard great things, found it used....for 44.99, and I cant bring myself to pay almost $50 for a game that old.

- Beat Ocarina of Time, fine game, but nowhere near as deep as anything else listed here. The graphics snowed us all.

I just feel FF7 hit everything on the spot. I loved the characters, heroes and villian(s), the environments, the entire world itself, the music, it was all there, just a solid game. The story did have some weak points but overall it was satisfying...(cept for that ending)
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