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Default Re: Nintendo may introduce new GBA 2005

Seriously man, I didn't care about the DS, I didn't care about the crappy first GBA, and I certainly don't think I'll be giving a damn about a new GBA.

The PSP almost makes me think about it, sort of, except for the fact that on comparable devices (in the PDA/smartphone world) you get twice the resolution.
The ONLY redeeming thing about Nintendo's mobile platform is that they just licensed PalmOS, and if they turn the DS into a PDA-type unit..then it will kick royal ass on the PSP.

Till then, meh, these stupid handhelds are GROSSLY overrated.

wrt Sega, they put out some of the best handheld devices in their time. They kicked mucho ass.
The Adama maneuver was incredible, go watch Exodus pt 2.
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