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Default Solaris, anybody using it?

I know this is the linux section, but I figured if i put this in general software the right people wouldnt see it. Anyway, Im not haveing any luck with mandrake 9. My system hangs when i try to view mnt, and the dvdrom is makeing some kind of racket. It does this for like ten minutes or so. Also I got this cheap usb camera, mustek cdc 3500 camera, as a gift recently and it doesnt work at all. I did get the video drivers working, thanks to you guys, but thats about the extent of my good luck. I cant get Everybuddy to work properly, basically its just too much work and taking up too much time. So Im asking if anyone here has used Solaris, because i Downloaded a copy of that last fall, and never really tried it. I used it a little out at the college, but i had to drop the unix class after 2 weeks and i havent used it since.
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