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Default Re: What setting do you play Need for Speed Underground 2 at?

Originally Posted by Serrasalmus
there is a fix for that on this forum cant remember what post its in but you have to go into regedit and set the game res to 5 for 1600x1200 just use the search and type in need for speed underground 2 res problems
Thanks for the tip. Here is the solution (posted by Frangus):

Hi all, I found the solution. It seems like it's a game issue, as eduardmc mentioned. The solution is in the registry:

In Registry Editor, go to My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHI
NE\SOFTWARE\EA GAMES\Need for Speed Underground 2 and change the key that says g_RacingResolution.

0 = 640x480
1 = 800x600
2 = 1024x768
3 = 1280x960
4 = 1280x1024
5 = 1600x1200 (confirmed)
6 = ??? - Haven't tested

I have tested and confirmed that "5" is 1600x1200 and it works perfectly on my setup now.

Hope this helps anyone with this problem.
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