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Default Re: Creator of Final Fantasy games now works for Microsoft.

Originally Posted by Vagrant Zero
With that said I still found CT to be meh. Defintely not the be all end all of SNES RPGs. Those rights goto Seiken Densetsu III, Tales of Phantasia, and Star Ocean.

People who worship CT need to go play some Japanese RPGs that never made it over to the states.
Spoken like a true elitist. Well I'll tell you what man, I've played and beaten all three of those games and though two of them were great (ToP wasn't my cup of tea) I still prefer CT. Though I will say that Seiken Densetsu 3 was a triumph of game design and it was absolutely criminal that it never came out in the states. Star Ocean was excellent but still I prefer CT.

But like I said before, arguing over each others' opinions is inherently retarded.
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