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Default Re: Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Single Player Demo Coming soon..

Originally Posted by fivefeet8
Ah, but that's the beauty of it. There are options for either. As a matter of fact though, If I disable HDR and HQSS, I can play at 1280x1024 with 2xAA/8xAF and still have VDM. VDM is used quite nicely in this game IMO. Since I've been playing with it enabled, the game looks a bit flatter without it.
Yeah, having a choice is good. I think I would have been perfectly happy at 1280x1024 running the SM 1.1 path if I hadn't started out with SM 3.0 options all on. It just didn't look right running in SM 1.1 mode after that. I did have to drop my resolution to 1024x768 like most have but in the end, it looked better to me having all the options on and running at a lower res. Like you noted, once you play with VDM on, things look too flat when you go back to having it off. Same with HDR. After playing with it on, things look too dull with it off.
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