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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Well I have a 47 Shammy on the high populated server of Ner'Zhul that a rarly play now. Couple of reasons, to much lag and server issues on the high populated servers and my buddy picked the game up so I started a new toon. Might as well be on a new low pop server.

I now am playing a Dwarf Priest that is currently lvl 37. My buddy choosed a Warlock gnome. The priest rocks and as of now is all speced in shadow but will start to lean in to discpline. One issue I find with the priest is people expect you only to heal, which is fine if thats what I agree to by joining a group but when I'm out on my own, horde raiding or questing myself don't expect me just to heal you. I may on occassions help some out but I enjoy dealing the damage to.

Now, we're starting our alts. I rolled a NE hunter(lvl 14 currently) and a Human Mage(lvl 12) and I'm not sure who to use as my second character. I love the damage the mage does but I do have the priest which is a spell caster/cloth wearer. The hunter on the otherhand can waer mail after 40, have a pet, deliver decent melee damage and is basically I complete opposite of the priest.

Anyone high lvl'ed with these guys and have any advice in how these guys are in PVP?
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