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Originally posted by PSBarger
I need some help bad guys!
I'm trying to install these drivers on RH8, but I've got a problem trying to load the rpms. When run:

rpm -ivh NVIDIA_kernel I get
Preparing.... ##### [100%]
1:NVIDIA_kernel ##### [100%]
modprobe: Can't locate module nvidia

Failed to install nvidia.o

error: %post(NVIDIA_kernel) scriplet failed, exit status 1

And I'm screwed right now because I thought maybe it was still cool and rebooted, now I can't even load xwindows.... could use some help really badly!! The GLX rpm loads fine, but the kernel refuses to work right. I'm using exactly what the told me to use..... Please help me

"XFree86 -configure" will produce a generic XFree86Config file so you can at least get back into X windows and try again. This happened to me and I had to type that in order to log back in.
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