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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Originally Posted by vampireuk
A guy in our guild says the high level mage is quite boring to play, we did a test today to see how "powerful" priests were. A level 40 priest against my 35 warrior and he was not allowed to heal, it was nasty.
Ya see that is justs it. I like every one else complained that the warrior was way to weak when doing PVP. Yet you said you slaughtered the priest when he was not able to heal. Now this just screams the obvious that this game is not good for PVP and is almost purely a co-op game where you need each charater to complete the quest. That is why you are able to have up to 5 players per group. To me the PVP is useless.

Oh, while I was in Duskwood I was in a group and following at 59 gnome. Well I clicked on him and was about to click the "follow" option when I accidently clicked the duel option. Needless to say he stopped, turned around and said "WTF" he is a guild member btw and knew I accidently clicked duel. Any way a crowd gatherd as usual and I when to work SUNDER, HEROIC ATTACK, Rend, BATTLE SHOUT. Leveling damage left and right even click on blood rage and when psycho on his ankle high ass, all the while he was dancing and doing a jig. We keep laughing out arsses off and i had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. Finally I got him down to with in a quarter of his health and he made two moves *SLICE* *SLICE* and it was over... on with the quest we went. What did I learn? Don't challeng a lvl 59 rogue when you are a lvl 25 warrior. BAHAHAAH! As if I had to go through that exercise to learn that .
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