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Originally posted by mog78
Did you delete the old XFree86Config? What I did was delete that and use the one that XFree86 -config produced. ALways good to backup your XFree86Config file.
Nope, I didn't delete it, I made a copy of it before I changed anything (XFree86Config.bak). The thing I did that was dumb, even though I was getting the error installing the RPMS (the one I posted up a few posts), I still rebooted my computer and now I think I got it really messed up. I'm hoping somebody can tell me whats wrong with my RPM extraction, because if I can get that to extract properly I'm hoping that it will boot up right. I think my RPM is partially installed or something, and thats why even using the backed up version of Free86Config its still not working right (at least thats my theory, if you have any ideas I'd love to hear 'em).
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