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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

I have my toughts about getting this game but I donīt know if it is
anything I like, I have never played a mmorpg before!

I can tell my general gaming preferences and you tell me if itīs worth a go..

I liked Dungeon Siege and diablo much but LOTR: BFME on the edge to be
too complicated. I do not like management games much.

Vampire: Bloodlines I do like (dont care a lot for the caracter developing
though) but I NEED structured quests therefor Iīm not too fond of

I love the Myst puzzles and worlds.

I enjoy every fps shooter a lot just as pure adventure games like
Gabriel Knight, Broken Sword, Runaway and Syberia.

So I *think* I want a big beautiful fantasy world to explore in my own pace
without to feel the urge to advance in levels and I donīt want to be stressed
by beeing forced into some fights. I would like some "puzzle" kind of quests
and decently mature gamers to populate this world.. and some easy caracter
Looking at screenshots I like the WoW style a little bit better then the EQ2 style.

Now, will WoW be suitable for me to try.. or maybe EQ2 instead ??
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