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Default Re: Official Star Wars Republic Commando thread

OK, well so far I'm pretty happy with the game. It runs with similar performace to the demo, meaning it runs like butter. Currently have it at 1280x1024 4xAA/8xAF and it runs great. I really like how they start it off.. basically you are dropped off in the middle of the Geonosian conflict and you fight alongside your lesser clone brethren and slowly team up with members of your elite squad. It seems a little easy so far (I have it on medium), although I have been going against mostly regular Trade Federation bots. The bigger arm cannon bots are a lot tougher. The Geonosians are kinda hard to hit from a distance as they bob & weave pretty well. They're not too tough unless you get into melee range. One of them took me down with one hit!

The overall level design is pretty good once you get indoors. Outside I would prefer more detailed geometry or more enemies to make me really feel like I was in EpII, but it's understandable given current hardware limitations. I got a couple pics for everyone to check out which have been compressed, so there may be some quality loss:


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