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Default Re: article Hl2 vs D3 engine.

Originally Posted by Intel17
There's nothing wrong with the Doom 3 Engine, it's mainly the tools and the pre-shipped content that blow.

Doom3 engine have *MANY* things gamedevelopers call wrong..even John carmack calls them ->FLAWS and Limitations. already posted in thins thread his comments .. things that in his own words he *obviously* needs to fix in their game. the engine have potential,, its a good step in the right direction.. but still is an engine based around the capabilities of geforce1/3 hardware. its not a bad engine..but neither is a re-volutionary one.. its just an evolutionary engine with many good things and with many wrong things ,limitations in some other areas. that if JC dont fix them ,it will be outdated in less than a year. limitations already explained since the first post.

most likely JC have a new engine in beta stage right now..that takes advantage of all the NV40 next generation features.. for their next game.. but the things you seems to not understand is that *IS NOT* the same D3 engine finished 4 year ago .the engine used by the D3 mod community today was finished in ~97% many years ago.. when the best hardware was a geforce3. the argument that "if not a problem" because you can code whatever you want.. is valid for thousands of others games outhere that developers allows their games to be modded ,is valid for anyone doing his own engine.. they can also code whatever thing they want. and do the games they want..Thats why other games engines exist. and today carmack game engine its not "Doom3 engine" its not the same thing but another thing. but that he could choose to call the same way . even though it migh have a completely new renderer..Physics engine, AI and network code.

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