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Default Re: Everquest 2 starting tips ?

when you start out, 5silver seems a fortune - but if you just concentrate your efforts on quests and/or hunting or tradeskills you will soon be making enough to pay your room upkeep and buy new gear and combat/spell upgrades..

I would suggest you visit the newbie forum on - read some of the sticky posts there - and if you have questions it's a good place to ask them.. also each server has chat channels called and (for good and evil characters respectively) .. you can join them by right clicking on a chat window and going into chat options, the channel will be assigned a number and you can send messages to it by typing eg "/1 can anyone tell me how to strangle a gnome?" - /ooc messages will usually yield helpful replies too!

anyway - my main advice is just to look around and speak to all the npc you can - there are literally thousands of quests to be done, and they are a major source of upgrades/income and interest..
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