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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Originally Posted by vampireuk
A guy in our guild says the high level mage is quite boring to play, we did a test today to see how "powerful" priests were. A level 40 priest against my 35 warrior and he was not allowed to heal, it was nasty.

Thats crazy, I sluaghter warriors with my priest with ease. Once 6 lvls higher(i was lvl 32, warrior 38) then me and once 5 lvls(me 36 , warrior 41) higher then me. Have I lost to warriors at those lvls before yes, but any warrior my lvl or a few above me I never lost to. Sounds like your guildie needs more practice with the priest(as do those warriors I killed). The only class I have run in to trouble killing is Shamans with in lvl.
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