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Default Do I have a 5900xt or a 5900nu? (BIOS flashing)

Hi all,

I have a 5900xt club3d videocard and even though right now it doesn't really overclock well (405/820) I thought I'd try flashing the BIOS to see if I could get some better results.
Currently the BIOS version is I guess revision 0 of the 5900xt club3d series?
Anyway, first I wanted to see how the flashing works and so on, so I tried to flash it with revision 2 ( to be safe ... but a nogo because the PCB (?) version was different: P177 was needed, but my card has/is P172. Same goes for club3d 5900xt rev 1 BIOS.
After a quick search here I saw a post where someone said a P172 isn't a 5900xt, but a 5900nu?
Also, Rivatuner says the device id is 0337 (5900nu?), but "ROM strapped to 0331" (5900xt?).

So what do I have now and what type of BIOS' should I use? My card also doesn't even look like the pictures of club3d 5900xts I see on various website / forums. (see edit2 below).
On the other hand, the GPU IS a 5900xt (its printed on it); NV35 rev A1 according to RT...

So if my card PCB layout (how is it called?) is that of a 5900nu, I'm unable to use a 5900xt BIOS?


- Kama

edit: just remember this: Forceware drivers always recognize my card as a 5900; not 5900xt.

after looking around, I found a picture of a card that has the same cooler as mine, only the label is different (club3d label ofcourse):
It is the same as what the 5200Ultra and 5600Ultra have in that article.
Is that normal for a 5900?
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